Mick A41439873 (TBS)

Retriever, Golden – Yellow
6 y 7 m 27 d 
, DOB: 9/27/2013, Altered: Yes, Size: Large, Weight: 55.90 pound

Likes: Stuffed toys! I could play with them all day long. I also love being outside so going on walks or running around the yard makes me so happy. I’m also very treat motivated- your boy loves his snacks!

Foster Reason: Mick originally came to us through a cruelty case in 2014 and has been in and out of the shelter since then. He did very well in his previous adoptive home until the loss of his dad and we are looking to get him back into a stable home environment.

Behavioral Concerns: Does poorly with strangers and visitors resulting in negative behaviors.

Foster home requirements: Mick will need a calm, quiet household with adults only. This household will need to have an extremely low amount of visitors or deliveries, as Mick has issues with doorbells. We have been working in the shelter with desensitization to these sounds. Additionally, the neighborhood should be quiet as well. He will need a house with a securely fenced in yard and there should be no other pets in the home.

View Mick’s Records:

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