Kitten Acatemy Information

Fostering saves lives.

We recommend that kitten foster parents bookmark this page as news, updates, and resources will be added over the next few weeks.

Kitten Season 2021 will run a bit different than previous kitten seasons. Here is a breakdown of how the process will work for 2021.

Step One: Fill out a foster application.

If you do not have an application, you will first need to submit your foster application prior to adding yourself to the waitlist. Do NOT add your information to the waitlist until you are an approved foster.

Step Two: Take Kitten Acatemy training.

If you have not already completed KA training, you’ll want to do this before adding yourself to the kitten list. You can now take this training at any time! Click the button below to take the training.

Step Three: Add yourself to the waitlist

Unlike previous years, we will not be posting individual litters to the foster request. Instead, kittens will be added to an internal list and a staff member will match you with kittens in need! You must add yourself to the waitlist in order to be matched with a kitten.

Step Four: Get notified when you’re matched.

Once we have a match for you, a staff member will reach out to you via email, phone, or text message to inform you that you’ve been matched. As kittens are often in URGENT need of placement, if you are unable to pick your matched kitten(s) we may offer them to a foster that can pickup sooner.

Step Five: Pick up your foster kitten(s).

Pickups for kittens will be curbside only UNLESS your kitten requires any kind of demonstration of medical care.

Requesting Medical Assistance

In order to streamline our process and ensure that kittens are being cared for in a timely manner, all kitten foster parents will be required to complete the kitten medical form. This form will supply our team with all the information they need to assist your kitten, and reduce back and forth discussions.

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