Here you will find resources applicable to the SPCA of Texas Foster Program.

Adoption Ambassador
The Adoption Ambassador Handbook

Kitten Acatemy

Daily Care Sheet
Fading Kitten Protocol
Kitten Behavior Checklist
Kitten Grading System
Kitten Packet Info
Med Sheet
Syringe/Supplement Feeding
Weaned Kitten Feeding Capacity

House training
Socialization & Development


How Not to Greet a Dog
Basic Dog Obedience
House training
Crate Training
Introducing Cats and Dogs
Teaching ‘Off’

Dogs- Fearful
Fearful Dog Tips
Tips to Get Your Foster to Eat
Fearful Dogs
Caring for Hoarded Dogs
Managing Guests in Your Home

Dogs- Behavior Issues
Separation Anxiety
Escape Artists
Dog Reactivity
Walking Your Reactive Dog

10 Fundamental Needs of Cats
Introducing Cats
Introducing Cats and Dogs
Fearful Cats